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About Us

Working in the title and escrow sector for over 40 years, our staff is experienced, friendly and well educated real estate. We can take the client smoothly through even the most complex real estate purchases. Let us take care of all your title, escrow, and foreclosure needs. We provide personal service, with a strong backing of our underwriter, First American Title Insurance Company, one of the nation’s leading title insurance companies. Ensuring the buyers and lenders from the risk of title defects, our company works with everyone involved in a deal as a neutral third party to a close with transparency and trust. Join us to ensure that you get the best deals in the title and escrow world. 

Busy Office

We are also dedicated to transparency and educating our clients throughout the process of home buying or selling, and have a blog and resource page to help all understand the various aspects of escrow and title insurance. 
Call us at 775-423-7037 or email our staff to schedule an appointment today!

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