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Consumer Protection

Trust WNTCO to Keep Your Private Information Safe and Protected.

When something is confidential, it should stay confidential. Like your non-public, personal information. WNTCO knows privacy is an extremely important matter. And we know what to do to protect yours.

For starters, we offer an easy-to-use transaction management system you can count on. And when sending and receiving numerous emails, we give you a secure email platform as well.

Both of these rock-solid solutions are designed to preserve your data and keep your confidential information out of the wrong hands.

Your Transaction

Your transaction information will be visible only to you or other authorized parties in the transaction. And for your security, buyers cannot see seller-related documents on a transaction and vice versa.

All transaction documents are electronically stored within our system which is hosted in an audited data center, which reside in a geographically disparate location. Our data centers features redundant Internet and communication carriers, redundant power, high-level physical and network security, fire detection and other various environmental controls. All of this is to ensure your transaction files are easily within reach and kept safe.

Secure email encryption

At WNTCO, we utilize a secure email encryption platform, through third-party vendor Microsoft office 365, to protect your valuable personal information and ensure emails are only viewed by the intended parties.

When you receive an email from WNTCO containing non-public, personal information, the email will be encrypted. 

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