Title and Escrow Staff

  Our title and escrow departments are staffed with experienced and dedicated employees who are here to provide you with friendly and accurate services. Below is a list of our staff as well as local realtors we work with on a regular basis. You can email a staff member at any time to find out more about what we can do for you. Our Staff:
Rhonda Hodges
Rhonda L Hodges, President Senior Certified Escrow Officer
Rachelle Lunger
Rachelle Lunger, Manager Chief Title Officer
Steve Lunger
Steve Lunger, Open Order Desk Title Assistant
Sheryl Jackson
Sheryl L. Jackson, Title Officer
Heidi Froid
Heidi Froid, Receptionist
Jackie Monette
Jackie Monette, Escrow Officer
Shelby Helton
Shelby Helton, Escrow Assistant
Brittanie Mello
Brittanie Mello, Escrow Assistant
Hillary Wilke
Hillary Wilke, Escrow Assistant